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Antonio Onorato Quartet

Antonio Onorato: Guitarist and Composer.
The main exponent of the "Neapolitan jazz", a new musical current which melts the harmonic-melodic stylistic method of the Neapolitan musical tradition with the Afro-American music. His international consecration was, on December 2005, with a concert at the "Blue Notes" of New York, the undisputed temple of the jazz in the world. He is a studious of ethnomusicology; we remember his record works of contamination with the African (Angolan) culture - "Quatro linguas uma alma", "The soul breath"; with the Brazilian culture - "Tudo azul", "Un grande abbraccio"; with the middle-oriental culture - "Sotto il cielo di Baghdad" and several concerts in Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq. Above all, we remember his works of contamination with the Native Americans culture - which keen on it since his young age - "South winds" & "Native Spirits", with the collaboration of the actor Enzo De Caro. He is the only musician in the world to use the "Breath Guitar" a revolutionary and futuristic instrument. He invented a personal technique which allows him to play a guitar as a breath instrument. Numerous the collaborations with national and international artists, on all that with Toninho Horta and Franco Cerri. He worked with the cinema and the theatre, realizing some soundtracks and with the television (Rai, Mediaset, BBC, etc…). His concert activity is very busy with concerts in Italy and all over the world.

Antonio onorato Guitars

Joe Amoruso Piano

Diego Imparato Bass

Mario De Paola Drums