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Fabio Nobile 6et

Listening to Fabio Nobile, you immediately understand he's "the musician
who's fond of all the music". Soul music and Jazz are the most significant connections to his music, with a peculiarity, though: he succeeds in making "pop" each of his compositions.
Fabio composes explosive tracks, filled up with complicated chords,being able, at the same time, to create over them, harmonious and easy listening melodies. He's a versatile musician. He plays drums,percussions,bass, guitar, vibraphone and piano, with which composes his music. Fabio has studied Harmony and Composition on his own and he arranges and directs his music by himself. In some recordings, he himself plays every instrument, while making use of ideas and suggestions from wordly greatest artists. This inspires him and makes him happy.
You'll find the music of Fabio in worldwide playlist and radioshow with artist like Gotan Project, Koop, Nicola Conte, Incognito, Mario Biondi (his drummer this year with "Spazio - Tempo" tour).
An incredible soul-jazz concert!


Fabio Nobile: Drums
Rossella Key: Voice
Massimiliano Rocchetta: Piano
Mauro Mussoni: Bass
Stefano Serafini: Trumpet
Alessandro Fariselli: Sax