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Jazz Life Sextet

One of the coolest outfits to come along for quite some time has to be Jazzlife from Italy. A collection of musicians with a history that mixes together old and new in a way that transpires through their varied compositions that recall such iconic masters as Basso Valdambrini or even Art Blakey. Jazz Life Sextet covers various styles and influences and is a true pleasure to hear from beginning to end. Stand out tracks include 'Tall Stories', 'So Danco Samba', 'Long Island', 'Sippin' At Bells', 'Nutville' and 'Navarra' without taking anything away from the remaining six compositions.

Stefano Serafini – Trompet
Alessandro Fariselli – Tenor Sax
Federico Tassani – Trombone
Massimiliano Rocchetta – Piano
Gabriele Pesaresi – Bass
Massimo Ferri – Drums

Special guest:
Gege' Telesforo - Voice