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Funky rhythms and modal grooves all held together nicely by the raspy vocals of JJ Vianello! The record's got echoes of other recent work from Italy, particularly some of the Mario Biondi recordings, in its mix of well-chosen modes from the 60s! But JJ's also got a bent that's more soul than some of the jazz of other projects like this and effortlessly steps back and forth between genres throughout the space of the album! Instrumentation's by a core small combo, but there's lots of jazzy contributions from guests and some rhythms at the bottom that push the grooves a bit more towards the dancefloor at times.

JJ Vianello / Voice
Mecco Guidi / Piano
Chicco Capiozzo / Drums
Luca Florian / Percussion
Simone Lamaida / Sax
Manuel Cilio / Trumpet
Max Freschi / Bass